For Providers

Why should Providers participate in Reliance Health Network?

Reliance Health Network is a Physician Owned and Operated organization that offers a number of benefits to independent providers:

1. Shared Savings Bonus.  Reliance helps PCPs increase their revenues through a Shared Savings Bonus.  This bonus is earned by reporting on certain quality measures and by decreasing wasteful spending. Additionally, PCPs can earn a PQRS bonus when the ACO does GPRO (Group Practice Reporting Option) submission.

2. Stay Independent.  Reliance allows PCPs to maintain their patient base and independence. The ACO commitment term is only 1 year.  PCPs don’t lose their patients if they decide to leave an ACO, unlike IPAs, MSOs, HMOs or Medicare Advantage plans that may keep your patients if you leave them.

3.  Care Coordination Assistance.  Reliance can provide PCPs the infrastructure needed to care for high risk or chronically ill patients. For instance, Reliance has care coordinators who can assist PCP’s staff in arranging post-hospital discharge care, home health services or home monitoring, etc.

4.  Regulatory GuidanceTired of keeping up with all the changes in healthcare?Reliance provides guidance on meeting quality measures, Meaningful Use, Medicare compliance, ICD 10 and more.

5. Billing Not Affected.  No need to merge your office processes with another practice or the hospital.  Office Billing procedures are unchanged.  Providers submit their own Medicare Fee For Service claims to CMS.  The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) pays the provider not the ACO.  And Reliance does NOT bill the patients because ACOs are NOT a billing service.

6.  Fewer restrictions.  Unlike HMOs, Reliance ACO providers are free to use any consultant or diagnostic facility that they feel is most capable.

7.  Negotiation Strength.  Medicare-approved ACOs can negotiate as a group and contract with private payers.

8.  No Capital Expense. Reliance providers enjoy all of the above benefits without a capital investment.  Only your time and dedication to the principles of accountable, patient-centered care is required.

Reliance Health Network allows providers the unique opportunity to adapt, stay viable and independent in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.