Our Services

Reliance’s services include:

Quality Improvement

Today, employers and other healthcare payers, as well as Medicare, seek to engage providers capable of delivering high quality, cost-effective care, i.e. value-based care.  Reliance has proven track record of implementing quality Improvement and utilization management programs that form the basis of value-based care.   For instance, Reliance helps providers to report quality measures in a timely manner and improve overall performance.  Below are some of the services we offer,

  • Training providers and staff in the latest QI tools and techniques
  • Develop and use metrics and data collection to improve analytical capabilities
  • Provide technical assistance by creating templates in the EMR for closing the gaps
  • Assist projects in areas of preventive patient care initiatives such as Flu, Pneumonia

Performance Enhancement

  • Utilization and cost analysis
  • Care gaps and opportunities
  • Provider score card


Reliance can assist organization and individual providers  in:

  • MIPS

Reliance advises providers on which MIPS measures they should report and how to prepare for MIPS. And will have an oversight of how will you score MIPS. Specifically,  Reliance assists in the selection and reporting of MIPS measures that:

  • drive most important outcomes for your practice
  • are well aligned with your clinical workflows
  • are not burdensome to capture and report via existing resources
  • Meaningful Use

Reliance can help providers in meeting the Meaningful Use (MU) measures and also has expertise in handling the MU audit.

  • HIPAA compliance
  • Program compliance, i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, private healthcare payor

ACO Application

Reliance has extensive expertise in all aspects of the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) and was one of the initial accountable care organizations selected by CMS to participate. Not only can we assist in ACO application and formation, but also Reliance can improve the bottomline of an existing ACO by providing tools and strategies needed to elevate performance and earn a Shared Savings Bonus.

ACO services include:

  • Comprehensive Solution
  • Feasibility
  • Application-Preparation & Submission
  • Implementation & Provider orientation
  • Management & Program compliance
  • Quality Reporting & Performance improvement

Services are affordably priced to encourage the participation of provider- led organizations in the MSSP

By utilizing the expertise, tools and process of a successful ACO, Reliance gives you the edge in ACO organization and implementation.